Ionization by intense and short electric pulses - classical picture

2019. április 26., 10:56

A PTE TTK Fizikai Intézet és a PAB meghívja Tőkési Károly (Magyar Tudományos Akadémia Atommagkutató Intézet) "Ionization by intense and short electric pulses - classical picture" c. előadására.

Helyszín: PTE TTK A/401. előadóterem
Időpoint: 2019. 05. 02. (csütörtök) 13:00

We present theoretical studies of the ionization of simple targets like hydrogen atom, positronium and water molecule as a result of the interaction with an ultrashort external electric field. Doubly-differential momentum distributions and angular momentum distributions of ejected electrons calculated in the framework of the Coulomb-Volkov and strong field approximations, as well as classical calculations are compared with the exact solution of the time dependent Schrödinger equation. We show that in the impulsive limit, the Coulomb-Volkov distorted wave theory reproduces the exact solution. The validity of the strong field approximation is probed both classically and quantum mechanically.

We show that classical mechanics describes the proper quantum momentum distributions of the ejected electrons right after a sudden momentum transfer, however pronounced the differences at latter stages that arise during the subsequent electron-nucleus interaction. Although the classical calculations reproduce the quantum momentum distributions, it fails to describe properly the angular momentum distributions, even in the limit of strong fields. The origin of this failure can be attributed to the difference between quantum and classical initial spatial distributions.


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