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2019. szeptember 09., 15:51

PTE TTK Fizikai Intézet meghívja Prof. Jianqiang Gu (Tianjin University, China) "Terahertz Devices based on metasurfaces" és Prof. Yanfeng Li (Tianjin University, China) "Plasmonic Devices for Terahertz Integrated Systems" című előadásokra.

Helyszín: PTE TTK A/401. előadóterem
Időpont: 2019. 09. 10. (kedd) 14:00


  1. Terahertz Devices based on metasurfaces
    by Prof. Jianqiang Gu, Tianjin University, China

    Micrometer scale metasurfaces are widely explored as various devices and components serving the terahertz technology. Because of the excellent design flexibility, these metasurface based terahertz devices have uniques advantages and general design methodology, which continuously attracts researchers attention. This talk will present the series of terahertz metasurfaces designed to control the amplitude and phase of terahertz waves, which were conducted in Center for Terahertz Waves, Tianjin University. These devices include terahertz lenses, modulators, cloak carpets and slow wave components based on plasmon induced transparency (PIT). In addition, recent results on metamaterial assisted photoconductive antennas will be discussed.

    Jianqiang Gu obtained his Ph.D in 2010 from Tianjin University, China and became a professor working at the Center for Terahertz Waves of Tianjin University since 2017. His research mainly focuses on metamaterial based terahertz devices including negative refraction metasurface, PIT slow wave surface, active modulator, cloak carpet and meta-lens.

  2. Plasmonic Devices for Terahertz Integrated Systems
    by Prof. Yanfeng Li,Tianjin University, China

    In this talk, I will present the latest results on plasmonic devices in the terahertz frequency range conducted at the Center for Terahertz Waves of Tianjin University. Plasmonic systems not only help improve the resolution in terahertz imaging, but also provide a platform for investigation of the interaction between terahertz radiation and matter in liquids. I will first talk about previous results on waveguiding devices based on dielectric-covered metals and then spoof plasmonics. Next, recent investigations on plasmonic waveguide intersections and curved waveguides will be discussed.

    Yanfeng Li got his Ph.D in 2005 from Tianjin University, China. After two years as a postdoc at the same university, he became an associate professor since 2007. Earlier in his career, he mainly worked on photonic crystal fibers. His current research interests are plasmonic and metamaterial devices for terahertz waves. He was an visiting scientist at Department of Physics, University of Bath, UK and International Laser Center, Moscow State University, Russia.


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